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There’s Been a Shooting

Every few months or so there’s a shooting somewhere in the US that cause most of us to pause. And then there comes all the rallies, the FB videos and the FB commentary to include me. And what also comes is the cry for gun control. At some point I even said stop screaming for gun control at the federal level and start at the state level.

There was a shooting at a school in Florida by a 19 yrs. old that killed 17 high school students 14 Feb 2018. Dude has been characterized as having mental issues; however, he fled with the students in an attempt to not get caught. Sounds like he had control of all of his faculties, but what do I know. The following week in Ohio a 7th grader shot himself in the school’s bathroom. And a few weeks prior, a 12 yrs. old was arrested for shooting two 15 yrs. old, one in the head, supposedly when the gun accidentally discharged from her backpack.

The number one and two questions people ask is where do these kids get these weapons from and how did they get them in the school. Do either of these questions really need an answer? The US has more guns than people in the country. Getting a gun is easy. And apparently, it’s easy to get a gun in a school. What I find funny is there are all these metal detectors in inner city schools, schools in the hood, schools where there is a large black and brown population or whatever you want to call it. And I for one have never heard of any of these schools having a shooting. Maybe the metal detectors should be in these so called “good school”, “suburban schools”.

And just in my general observation there’s a distinct difference between people who kill other people this is excluding gangs. And if you are offended by this 🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t know what to tell ya. When most normal black people are mad at someone to the point of killing them, they will go and kill that one person if anyone else is killed it’s by sheer accident, there was no intent to kill anyone but that one person. When most normal black people are mad at a concept they bitch, gripe, complain, and freaking march. When most normal white people are mad at a person they get make this elaborate plan to shoot the person they are mad at, their mother, father, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, the three-legged dog name Rex, the cat with the missing tail named Paws and the goldfish. And if they are upset at a concept they are trying to kill the entire neighborhood.

Neither here nor there, we’ve seen this show too many times. A shooting happens, outrage ensues then something else happens and the shooting becomes a distant memory until the next shooting. Enough seems it will never be enough, because the outrage always seems to stop. Just my two cents but then what do I know. ~o.flows.up

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