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Perfect Storm

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This was a perfect storm. People haven’t been able to move about as they normally would and three unarmed black people killed, two by police one by some racist ass pricks. And to make matters worst that POS cop kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for about 9 minutes. What the hell did you think was gonna happen? I said this during the Mike Brown/Ferguson marches, at some point people are gonna get tired of being beat down, disrespected, gunned down, and told to stop making everything about race. Check this out: Black folks will stop making everything about race, when racists stop being racist and when racist ass cops stop using the rhetoric that they feared for their lives. That’s utter bullshit. When someone is in fear, they retreat, they don’t move toward and continue to antagonize the situation. I’m afraid of frogs, I don’t take my high yella ass toward a frog when I see one. I put as much distance between me and that damn nasty ass frog.

You wanna know a cop that feared for his life? The one that hid when that Parkland school In Florida, Stoneman Douglas High, got shot up. That cop feared for his life. The cops that jump on cars and unload their weapon isn’t afraid, the cop that gets aggressive with someone that is handcuffed, the cop that is 3 times the size of a woman, the cop that looks at a baby faced kid’s size, these fuckers aren’t fearful for their lives. They weren’t fearful of the piece of shit that shot 9 people in a freaking church. Nope, they took him into custody and bought him Burger fucking King. They didn’t fear that college kid that was wanted for double murder. Nope, they took him into custody and gave his ass a drink of water. They didn’t fear the armed protesters who wanted their state to reopen so they can get their high and tight haircut, but they fear a handcuffed man lying face down, they fear a woman in her home minding her fucking business, they fear a man with a telephone in his hand. Man fuck y’all and the horse y’all rode in on with that dumb shit.

Protesting and rioting may not be the answer, but damn if it didn’t get y’all attention. We tried to do a silent protest and kneel, but that was met with “you’re disrespecting the flag”, “you don’t love this country”. Tell me how is one supposed to love a country that has never loved us and it shows with a justice system that is not designed with all citizens in mind. A school system that continuously tries to white wash history, a government that has sanctioned bombing of communities and assassination of their own citizens.

Don’t come with that false narrative of what about Black on Black crime because there is just as much white on white crime, Asian on Asian crime, Hispanic on Hispanic crime. People commit crimes where they live. When was the last time you heard of anyone Black going to the ritzy part of your city and committing a crime? Hell, Karen and Scott see a black person in their neighborhood the cops are called in 2.2 seconds, and the cops show up in record time. So save that bullshit for your buddies that don’t see the truth. If you are an ally, be an ally at all times. If you have to declare that you aren’t racist at any point in a conversation, discussion, or before you open your suck hole to say something guess what, your ass isn’t an ally.

I said all of that to say STOP FUCKING KILLING US, STOP LYING ON US TO COVER UP YOUR OWN DECEITFUL SHIT, and STOP LOOKING FOR A REASON TO CALL THE COPS ON US. If you can do that, you’ll realize we are dope as fuck.

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