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The Military Don’t Fight to Win – Really Now

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Donald Trump said this, "We never win, and we don’t fight to win.”

What was the last war he deployed too? Oh yeah that's right he kept getting deferments because he had flat feet and bone spurs, so he never served a day in uniform.

How many family members have he lost in the two Iraq Wars and the Afghan War? I lost a first cousin. And maybe many more that I don't know. I come from a family that has served proudly in the military for decades.

How many sacrifices did his family make in the last 20 years? I left my son when he was three months old to defend this country. I left him again when he was two to go across the pond to defend this country not knowing if I was going to come back in a casket with a flag draped over it.

Donald Trump, every time a military member puts on that uniform and go to work whether, in a deployed location or at their regular duty station or as a civilian Government employee they are in it to win it. They aren't playing Call of Duty or some other Xbox or PlayStation game. You are the only one that is playing reality TV. This is real life. The mission military and Government civilian employees have at work is to get the men and women in uniform in theater back home to their family safely.

Donald Trump, you sent a team in without all the intelligence. In my book that is how you go into a fight to not win. A Navy Seal lost his life that is an epic L that you took. Yes, that is a part of the job but when you don't have all of the intelligence you put the entire team at a disadvantage. You sent that team in at a disadvantage because of your ego. Stop using the military as your own personal ego stroker. That's not what they are for.

It will be interesting to hear the speeches to the veterans’ groups after he has said that they did not fight to win. All the lives loss, all those that are going through mental health issues, all those that have loss everything and are literally hanging on by a hope and a prayer, the 22 veterans who commit suicide everyday did not fight to win according to Donald Trump.

This is the person that a lot of you casted your vote for. Now you know exactly how he feel about you. ~o.flows.up

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