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Stop Objectifying Us

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

A coworker and I were having a conversation about the sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations that were rolling out a few months ago. And let’s keep it real not every woman that made allegations had been harassed or assaulted by a man, that’s just keeping it one hundred. At the same time, I believe every man accused had done something to make most of the women feel uncomfortable.

My coworker and I theorized whether or not if the film and television industry really have this quid pro quo mentality going on or if it is one that is perceived by women. Did one woman sleep with a director, producer, or star of a film or television show willingly to get a part and another asked what she did to get in that film or show and actress 1 said she had sex with whomever. And now it’s perceived that the second actress must have sex with the director or producer in order to get a part in a show. Or did the producer/director/star demand actress 1 have sex with them in order to get the part. And actress 1 let actress 2 know that. But let’s put a pen in that.

Let’s talk about just everyday life. I’ve heard people say they don’t believe these women because they took so long to come forward so they have to be lying. I want each of you to think about your daughter, baby cousin that’s a female, your little sister. Imagine that she’s raped by Brad & Nem from down the street, these are cats you hang out with, cats you break bread with, cats you will give your left arm to, they are like your brothers. Your parents know them, the entire family know them, hell they are more like family than your blood family. But they raped your daughter/sister/baby cousin and she doesn’t say a word. All you know is when they come around she either disappear or she act different. And 10/15/20 years from now it comes out that Brad & Nem raped her. Only reason she didn’t say anything is because she was afraid of the scrutiny she would face, she didn’t want to be called a whore, she didn’t want to be judged, and she didn’t want you to go to jail. Do you believe your daughter/sister/baby cousin or do you believe Brad & Nem when confronted? This is what’s going on with the allegations now. Let’s out a pen in that.

Now men love to feel on a woman’s booty. There are songs made about it. And women are supposed to just be okay when a man grab them by the vaginal area. But when a woman feels a man’s boot and grab a handful of their package a man is appalled. It doesn’t feel good to be objectified does it men. The same way you don’t want anyone grabbing your package in public, is the same way women don’t want to be pinched or rubbed on their behind, grabbed and groped about the breast, or rubbed between their legs.

Despite what you may have been told as you were growing up women are people too. We aren’t here just for your viewing and touching pleasure and when you are done you put us back in the closet until you are ready for another fix. If you actually talk to us you will find out we do have actual feelings, a brain, and what ya know we have intelligent thought. So, stop objectifying us and treating us as if we are just a toy put here for your pleasure. Start treating us as equals, because contrary to popular belief most of the time a woman is the smartest person in the room.

All pens removed. ~o.flows.up

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