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Donald Trump is our President Like it or Not

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

I keep hearing people say that Donald Trump is not their President. It reminds me of the people who said the same thing of Barack Obama. Check this out, Donald Trump is the President of the United States period point blank. Is he the uncle that most of us wouldn't want to be around when he gets drunk at the family barbecue because he's going to embarrass the shit out of the entire family? YUP! Is he the cat from down the street that come over and wanna pick a fight with everyone and you have to tell to go the hell home? Sure is! Is he that cousin that you want to punch in the face because he just won't stop lying about nothing or shut the hell up? Indeed!

Well all of these people I mentioned is Donald Trump. This is what we have. He's our President. Make peace with it, I have. But you know what else I have done, I've made a vow to my son, my nieces, my nephews, and any child that I know that I will speak out on all the bullshit that Donald Trump and his camp do and I will do everything I can to fight the suppression and oppression that is being thrown our way. This country and its people have come so far (we still have so far to go) for us to be dragged back 100 years. My mental, my psyche, my emotional, and my physical doesn't go back that far and won't go back. So, I ask you all to stop saying that he's not your President. Because that is exactly what he wants.

He is your President, now let's hold him accountable to we the people, let's make him do what he was elected him to do, damn his funky ass agenda. Let's make him beholden to us the people whether we voted for him or not. Now that he is in that office he owes the people of the United States everything. ~o.flows.up

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