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Children Committing Sexual Assault

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

How sad is the state of affairs when children as young as seven are committing sexual assault in a classroom? The principal said the teacher can't watch all the kids because she has 32 students. What the hell kind of answer is that. As a parent it’s incidents like this that would make me tear the roof off a school. The police would have to meet me at the school. The way the school handled this is unacceptable.

I discussed this with two friends of mine. Both said they have had to watch 30 plus kids at one time and it is a challenge. One would distract the teacher while the others do their dirt. Which I understood, we use to do that when I was growing up. We did it so we could get away with whatever badness we had going on that day. Never in my days growing up did we ever try anything like this. I completely understood what both of my friends were saying about the distraction of the teacher and watching a large number of kids all at once but this little boy pulled this little girl pants down and her underwear.

I know kids are growing up fast these days but where is this type of behavior done. One friend said this little may have been touched or have been watching adult movies. Either way if this isn’t taken care of he will more than likely be on his way to prison for sexual assault down the line. I don’t know what bothered me the most, the school not immediately informing the little girl’s parents or this little girl being afraid to tell her mother. That leads me to believe that she may have experienced this before and have told her mother and her mother may not have believed her. ~o.flows.up

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