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School to Prison Pipeline

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

I'm watching American Greed and the prison, Butner Prison, where Bernie Madoff is an inmate is featured. This prison is better than most small colleges. It has a state of the art gym, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a sound proof music room, and the inmates receive 300 minutes a month of phone time. What the hell! All this money is being put in to making criminals comfortable but schools are falling apart, classrooms are overcrowded, some teachers are not making a livable wage, and teachers are being fired left and right.

Something is wrong when as a country, we put more money in the prison system than we do in the education system. This says to me that the school to prison pipeline is very much alive and well. All of you kids that in school don’t fall for the okey doke, not all prisons are as nice as Butner Prison, you are better off staying in school, getting an education, and working someone else or pursuing your dream. The prison system is not built for us. Believe me. ~o.flows.up

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