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Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces. Some of you may understand what I’m talking about, some of you won’t. Safe spaces are imperative for our growth and mental well-being. We need these spaces so we are able to let our hair down and just be us. There are groups on FB dedicated specifically for Black people and there are always infiltrators that try and some succeed to get in these groups, just to see what is being posted, what’s being talked about, and quite frankly what’s the group about. If the group is for Black people, only Black people are allowed in. If it’s only for Black women then it’s only for that demographic, same for Black men.

In real life there are also groups and spaces for just Black people, Black women, and Black men. And there are always infiltrators that always want in. So much so to scream discrimination. But is it really discrimination? Can black people have anything without others wanting to know what we are doing. There is a Women of Color Healing Retreat in Costa Rica, a white woman got upset because the owner of the retreat told her that she couldn’t attend because it was only for Black women. Black people need those safe spaces.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was invited to a function and she was going to drop some kernels of knowledge to some sisters. This function was by invite only, no one was to be working in an official capacity. It was supposed to be a safe space. This one sister went back and reported on what Mrs. Obama was speaking on, while the function was still on going. She was asked to leave. And rightfully so. How dare she violate the safe space? Is nothing sacred any longer. Would you expect your doctor to violate your health privileges, or your attorney to violate your attorney client privilege, so why violate the safe space privilege? There no such thing but as sister, she should have known how sacred safe spaces are.

Some people will ask why is that safe space needed anyway? A safe space is needed to be able to speak without fear of judgment or contradiction. It’s a space to plan the next move, debrief the last move, figure out how we can fix what’s going on with our society because believe it or not the way the women go is the way the society go. So please let us have our safe spaces without trying to infiltrating them. ~o.flows.up

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