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I’m Different Yes, I’m Different

Some black people always knew we were different from white people and some of us didn’t realize it until something happened. I learned I was different from white people in middle school when I was hanging out with a close friend, who happened to be white, and her friends one morning and the guy that she liked started a statement with “No disrespect” and he said something very disrespectful about black people. It was then I realize I was different from white people. It didn’t make me hate or dislike white people, but it did make me vet everyone I allow within my circle. It did make me realize any time someone starts off a sentence with “No disrespect or with all due respect” something disrespectful is about to come out of their mouth and to not stay around for it because all it’s going to do is piss me off and make me extremely angry and the next thing out of my mouth will be even more disrespectful. ~o.flows.up

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