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I Don’t See Color

For people who say they don’t see color leads me to believe that they do not see or acknowledge me. They have to see color unless they are totally color blind and even then, they see a grey scale of color. I typically get the bull shit answer that color doesn’t matter to them it’s about what’s in the persons heart. BULLSHIT.

If a person tells me they don’t see color, I immediately tell them then they don’t see me. I’m light but damn it I’m not clear, regardless of what my family say and they have clear and invisible jokes for days.

When discussing this with friends two said they grew up not having any experience with Black people, which can happen. White people can stay within their own enclave and never have to interact with a Black person and just go by the stereotypes that shown on television. Both of these friends had their first interaction with a Black person when they joined the military.

Another friend believes white people saying,

"I don't see color" is an insult to our heritage, history, and humanity. And I don’t necessarily disagree.

My other friend likens it to sexism and gender bias. Feminist instantly agrees these two exist. However, when a black woman says racism exist, overt or subtle, it has to be proven. The experiences that Black women have hasn’t been included in the white liberation movement. Even the #metoo movement, while created by a Black woman, Black women were excluded from that movement recently. ~o.flows.up

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