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Cosby Sentence, Kavanaugh Accused Again

I purposely took my time to post anything concerning Bill Cosby and his 3-10 year sentence for rape, as well as saying anything for Kavanaugh and the “accusations” levied against him by Dr. Ford from high school. Let me begin by saying I don’t particularly enjoy speaking about rape, sexual assault, or, sexual harassment. I wasn’t going to speak about Bill Cosby at all, but I have seen and heard way too many brothers and sisters alike defending this man’s actions as if it was alright. What the hell is wrong with y’all? Bill Cosby admitted in a deposition that he would obtain drugs and give them to women for the purpose of having sex with them. He admitted to it. The only reason he admitted to it was because that particular District Attorney told him that deposition would never see the light of day, and then that DA lost his election and the new DA released it and now Bill Cosby’s own words came back to bite him in the ass. But did you really need a deposition? Did his comedy routine not give you the same information when he joked about slipping women something? How many women does it take before you start believing a man convicted of rape actually committed said rape? What is it: Five, ten, maybe twenty, fifty, how about one hundred? It’s a setup, it’s a witch hunt, and my personal favorite it’s a sex war against men (I’ll get back to this one). You know who set Bill Cosby up? He did. Bill Cosby set himself up the day he rationalized in his own mind that it would be okay to drug women to have sex with them. I don’t care what his reasoning was. If a woman cannot make a conscious decision to object or agree to engage in sex, then it is rape. The same way if a man cannot make a conscious decision to object or agree to engage in sex then it is rape. I have heard people, particularly men, black men, ask, "What did she go there for?"..."What was she getting out of it?"..."What about her?" To those people, men and women, alike I have two words for you: FUCK YOU. It is apparent that you do not know the amount of trauma a person goes through when they are raped. Their very soul is stripped from them. Their trust in people is stripped from them. Their very essence is stripped from them. They feel helpless. And you people want to cover for someone who has taken all of that from someone because they went to a rich man’s house to talk about a part in a movie or whatever it was that he promised. So yeah, FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON. Oh and the question: Why did she wait so long? Do you see how people are questioning whether she’s telling the truth right now? Just imagine if she came out then when he was at the height of his career. Oh my goodness, it would have been much, much worst. Three to ten years is light if you ask me, especially since a rape victim has to live with the trauma for a life time. Then one of Bill Cosby’s many spokespersons released a statement defending Brett Kavanaugh by saying something to the effect of there is a sex war going on against men. Really? Since when? Maybe if some men learn the meaning of no or any iteration of no, everything would be cool when it comes to sex. Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Ford in high school. Now granted, high school for them were a while ago, but we are talking about this guy being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Of course he’s denied it. He has even gone so far to say he was a virgin in high school. He may very well have been; however, sexual assault doesn’t just lend itself to rape, look up the definition yourself. It always starts off with one accuser and now Brett Kavanaugh has four. Exactly how many will raise their hand. Maybe it’s me, but it seems as if Congress has a multitude of people with a history of sexual abuse in their background. Granted, it’s made up of mostly old white men who seem to think women are here for their pleasure and should have no rights at all if they have it their way. We have a President that has said he just grabs women by their pussy. So why should we expect any better from a man he hand selected for the SCOTUS? I personally make the assumption that anyone this President endorses has a shaky background and shouldn’t be trusted with a pack of candy cigarettes, much less with anything of dire importance. What is fascinating to me about this Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is one, they don’t seem to have the votes and two, Dr. Ford offered to take a lie detector test with the FBI. Kavanaugh’s old roommate said he had a drinking problem in college and the Republicans have hired a woman from Arizona to come in and question Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. Is the Republicans afraid to question Dr. Ford? Are they afraid they will seem like they are soft balling Kavanaugh? Or do they just like spending tax payer’s dollars on bullshit? I’m going to venture out and say all of the above. So you may be wondering if I have a problem with people who rape, sexually assault, sexually harass, etc.? No need to wonder, I’ll tell you. You damn right I have a problem with it! I have a BIG problem with it! If you don’t like it, you better build a bridge and get over that shit. Rape has nothing to do with sex but everything to do with power and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby was exerting over the women he raped. He was showing them he had power. Brett Kavanaugh is a dumb fuck, but for him it was about power for him as well. We should have been having this conversation with our children about how to say and accept no and rejection. Not everyone is going to win all the time. I have told my son and my nephew that I didn’t care if they were in mid stroke, if she said stop that was the end of everything. And how did I drive it home for them since they both are only children? I asked them how would they feel if a boy raped their younger girl cousins after she told him to stop and he kept going. This was when they were 12 & 13 and they both got it. They are 17 & 18 now, and they both still get it. So if a 12 & 13 year old can get it, I’m sure seemingly grown ass men should be able to get it. Oh, and I didn’t forget, you women out here defending Cosby, all I can say is I hope you don’t ever get raped and tell your story. I just hope you are believed, unlike what you are out here exhibiting for these women who are finally telling their truth. Nothing is sadder than to see a light out on a spirit that once use to shine so bright.   ~o.flows.up~

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